Igora Drive Circuit: a Pole Position Start!

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date: 26.07.21

On July 24-25, the third stage of the SMP RSRC took place at the Igora Drive circuit in the Leningrad Region. Our team performed with two cars for the first time in the season, which allowed us to take the fight in the team competition.

Andrey Sevastyanov and Kirill Zakharov held two races each in Touring-Light class.
Andrey, the head and pilot of the B-Tuning YUKA Pro Racing team, finished sixth in the first race, confidently started from pole-position in the second one, contended with Plotnikov and Cherevan’, but got outrun in speed.

Kirill Zakharov, who made his debut in the Touring-Light class, performed well in qualifying, actively competing with rivals on the track, but in the second race he could not escape from fatal contact, as a result of which one of his car’s wheels got damaged.
We’ll be happy to follow the progress of this young and undoubtedly talented racer!

Results of the third stage of the SMP RSRC Touring-Light:
6th place — Andrey Sevastyanov
11th place — Kirill Zakharov
The team standings brought by B-Tuning YUKA Pro Racing — 29 points.
The next stage will be held at the Moscow Raceway on August 21-22.
We wish our team an exciting race!

3 этап Игора Драйв 3 этап, Кирилл Захаров 3 этап Игора Драйв 4 этап Игора Драйв3 этап Игора Драйв