SMP RCRS: season 2021 is over!

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date: 09.11.21

Last weekend, on October 30-31, on the Sochi Autodrom track there were announced the winners of the Russian series of circuit races of the 2021 season!

Andrey Sevastyanov was assisted by Alexey Savin in the team competition of the Touring-light class.

The track pleased our pilots with good weather. And in the first race of the finale, Savin won the silver cup.

Sevastyanov, on the other hand, was confidently fourth in the first race, but after the finish he got a 30-second penalty, and therefore, unfortunately, he rolled back to the back of the standings.

The second race for Sevastyanov started unexpectedly: on the starting grid, the engine of Andrey’s car did not start, and he had to be put back to the pit lane, from where the start was given.

The result of both races allowed our team to take the second place in points.

Thanks to the 2021 season! We will undoubtedly remember it as the year of the creation of the united B-Tuning Yuka Pro Racing Team. The start has been laid, there is a painstaking and responsible work ahead to prepare the team for the Russian Winter Ice Racing Championship.

We wish the team new victories and conquering the peaks on the race tracks of the Russian Series and other championships!