Rich in Rewards: V Stage of SMP RCRS

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date: 14.09.21

Despite the constant change of weather, the head of the B-Tuning Yuka Pro Racing Team, Andrey Sevastyanov, held a very successful stage. At first, he confidently won the qualification, getting the team’s first pole position of the season. After both Sunday races, Andrey got on the podium, winning 2 cups: for the 2nd place in the first race, and for the 3rd place — in the second one.

“We were able to overtake the regular leaders who usually win in dry weather: we were faster in the most difficult conditions. The most difficult piloting track in the country, and I’m among the best on it!” — Andrey gave a comment on the results of the race.

At the same time, for Kirill Zakharov, this stage was not so rosy. During training on Friday, on the eve of qualifying, he was involved in a serious accident. Kirill was not injured, but it was not possible to restore the car to the main part of the race. A complete replacement of the body was required, and he did not continue to participate in the stage.

We are all very upset by the current situation, but we hope that by the next stage, which will be held in Grozny on October 8-9, the team will be able to prepare a new car.

Nevertheless, for the B-Tuning YUKA Pro Racing Team, the race at the Kazan Ring showed the highest result since the beginning of the season and ended with a victory in the team competition, thanks to the support of Alexey Savin (a member of the B-Tuning Pro Racing Team) as a co-pilot.

We are very happy for Andrey and the whole team!

Welcome to enjoy our small photo report!

5 этап СМП. Гонка 1 5 этап СМП. Гонка 1 Андрей Севастьянов Андрей Севастьянов на подиуме Кубок Казань Ринг Андрей и кубок Казань Ринг 5 этап СМП. Гонка 2 Андрей Савин Андрей Савин на подиумеАвто Кирилла Захарова после аварии Авто Кирилла Захарова после аварии