Advertising DryDry at races

We offer our partners the opportunity to directly introduce the advertised product to the potential audience.

client: Skandy Line LLC
date: 19.09.21
All guests of the event can evaluate the quality of the DryDry antiseptic given as a sample by grid girls support.

Such large-scale events as the Russian circuit racing series, each stage of which lasts for a whole weekend, are the best option for promotions included in the sponsorship package.

Our permanent partner, the DryDry brand, embodies the best Swedish technologies in hygienic cosmetics.

During the competition, the DryDry logos are presented in the form of branding on the team’s racing cars, on the flags of the starting grid, on inflatable structures near the team and technical staff’s boxes. MATCH.TV broadcast of races uses the integration of the DryDry logo into the video sequence.

Продукция DryDry

Оформление штаба команды B-Tuning
The design of the B-Tuning team’s boxes with the inflatable DryDry constructions.
Next work in portfolio DryDry at Antalia Airport