YUKA ADV provides specialized advertising solutions within the Amadeus travel technology ecosystem. It is based on Amadeus’ next-generation big data cloud platform for the travel industry. With it, all market players can make better strategic and operational decisions based on unlimited data processing capabilities.

In-depth analysis of the indicators of the chosen location is a prerequisite for effective business planning and efficient use of existing marketing tools. Decisions on such issues as marketing strategy, market segmentation and product development should be based on the actual situation in this location.

Making decisions in accordance with well-documented facts minimizes the risk of failure to implement strategies.

Detailed market research is possible through audience analysis. By taking advantage of technology, we help transform market and travel information into unique practical information, such as new routes and market segments, travel behavior patterns, solvency and ways to counter competitors.

Data is extracted from a variety of sources – industry, customer and Amadeus systems – providing business with detailed information that gives a real insight into overall market dynamics, own performance and growth opportunities.

The Amadeus platform brings together millions of up-to-date datasets interpreted by machine learning and provides a unique inventory and exclusive placement in the 500 largest travel publications (OTA, meta-search, etc.).